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Barcelona 2

Barcelona. September 16th

sunny 27 °C

We got up early in the morning to go see the famous cathedral called La Sagrada Familia. As we were so early near the cathedral there was a coffee shop and we paid around $40 for two terrible coffees and two awful hot chocolates (my brother could not drink his) and three ordinary croissants!
The cathedral however was spectacular! It was so beautiful there was lots of fine detail stained-glass and amazing rooms. We went up the Nativity Tower. My mum is scared of heights and it was very tall she got very nervous. You went up to the tower with an elevator but on the way down you had to go through a very narrow and steep stair way.


We caught the ‘hop on, hop off’ bus to Park Guell. My mum and dad went to a small supermarket to buy some lunch, we got a baguette, ham, cheese and orange juice to have for lunch. Then we went to the Park Guell, it was really beautiful. At the park we went to the Gaudi house, the man who designed La Sagrada Familia, museum. We saw lots of his things and learned a lot about his art and him. We bought a painting at the park. The man selling them was so good we bought two. They had lots of depth and meaning. After the park we went on the hop on hop off bus and went all around on the west side of the city. It was very long as it took 2 1/2 hours. By the hop on hop off bus you saw lots of beautiful monuments and spectacular scenery.


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Budapest to Barcelona

Budapest to Barcelona, September 15th

sunny 28 °C

Today is the last day in Budapest. We went shopping in the city to the market and along our favourite walking street ‘Vaci utca’ to spend the rest of our Hungarian Forints. There were lots of choices but we ended up having Lángos for lunch, which is a favourite Hungarian fast food of fried flat bread topped with sour cream and grated cheese.


Then we got a taxi to Budapest Airport. We flew with Ryanair to Barcelona. Flying with Ryanair made Tiger seem luxurious!!! We got the train to our apartment which is really central. Our apartment is just off Passeig de Gràcia, on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. On Passeig de Gràcia there is a truckload of designer brands such as Louis Vitton, Cartier, Miu Miu... my Aunty would love it here! We finally found our apartment it is five floors up but it is really nice. The man in Reception has a really cute dog called Chico which means little boy, he is really cute. We went down to La Rambla, which is a very famous walking street. For dinner we went to the restaurant right next door and got some tapas and a seafood paella. By the time we finished it was already 11o'clock so we went straight to bed.


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Budapest 4

Budapest, September 14th

overcast 20 °C

We started the day by taking the train to the Budapest castle. At the Budapest castle you got a really good view of the whole city. We took a ride up the funicular rail to get up the castle. The view up near the castle is amazing even better than the Ferris wheel near Budapest central. Up the hill is a little village it had churches, monuments everything a normal village has but was all really touristy and expensive. We saw a solider guard change over. At the time there was a Budapest wine festival, Dad was tempted to go but we convinced him otherwise.


After the castle we had lunch at a fancy restaurant. It suddenly started pouring down rain but it stopped by the time we had finished. We wandered about the city for a while looking at the shops.
Then we went to the Széchenyi thermal spa and had a nice soak. The spa had a large range of spas but my favourite was one with torrents spinning you around. There were a lot of people in the spa and a wide age range there were people who looked 85 and children who looked 3. The spa also had steam rooms, saunas and cold pools. As it got later it looked mysterious with lights and steam coming off the hot water.


After we went back to the city centre and got a very tasty cinnamon Hungarian ‘doughnut’ called Kürtőskalács, freashly cooked!


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Budapest 3

Keszthely to Budapest, September 13th

rain 19 °C

Today we had a long bus ride back to Budapest. It was a long journey first we had to get a taxi to the bus at Keszthely, then when we got to Budapest we had to train and walk to the place we stayed last time (Hotel Zenit) to get our luggage then decided to get a taxi to the new place. It was very boring day. When we got to the Fraser residence (the place we are staying) it started raining and we just settled in, Mum did a whole lot of washing and we went to the nearby shopping plaza and just got takeaway for dinner.


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Lake Balaton 2

Lake Balaton, Keszthely, Nagykanizsa. September 12th

overcast 18 °C

In the morning we walked to the lake to scatter my Grandma’s ashes. She was born in Hungary that is why we brought her back here. We bought some flowers at a florist close to the apartment. My Dad bought me some duck food and we fed some ducks and swans. The lake has a lot of ducks and swans. At the moment, it is all wetlands due to the rain the last couple days. Around the lake, there is a park which is very beautiful with a lot of different monuments, flowers and lot and lots of nut trees.

We walked to Festetics Palace through the town square, past a large church and through a very nice park. The castle was very elegant. We went inside the castle it was really big. There were lots of paintings, statues and a magnificent library. There were beautiful gardens surrounding the castle. Everything was really pretty except a HUGE snail the size of my Dad’s middle finger.


We took a taxi ride to my Grandma’s home town called Nagykanizsa. The drive took about an hour. It was good to see where my Grandma was born. There was a food festival on which was fun. My Dad tried some of the local wine. Our taxi driver waited for us and dropped us back at our apartment. We didn’t get back until about 5pm.

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