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Lake Balaton 1

Keszthely, September 11th

rain 18 °C

Today we took the bus to Kesthely, Lake Balaton. It took 2.5 hours from Budapest but we missed our stop and ended in Heviz and got a taxi to the apartment. It was a very wet and cold day. The apartment was at a traditional Hungarian Pension (Bed & Breakfast). It looked like a castle!


We went for a walk after we had settled in the apartment. On the walk we saw lots of cottages growing flowers and fruit trees with a ton of fruit on them. My dad envied them because at home all our fruit was eaten by possums.


We had a really late lunch at a restaurant close by. My mum ordered a light chicken salad but she got something like this.
My brother ordered Gypsy pork with bacon but the bacon was just skin and FAT.
Dad had goose liver (which he said was really good!) and a raspberry palinka (a really strong alcohol)

After lunch we went for long walk in the rain. On the way we saw huge chestnut trees lining the streets. They dropped fruits everywhere. There were also huge slugs the size of my middle finger. Every time I saw one I squealed like a crazy (they’re too yucky to take photo of!).
The lake was just 10min walk away but it was too wet so we just stayed in for the night.

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Budapest 2

Budapest 10th September

overcast 21 °C

Today we spent the whole day sightseeing. We saw lots of amazing buildings. Our hotel is on the “Pest” side of the Danube River. We went across to the “Buda” side via the Chain bridge, which links the Buda side with the Pest side. In Buda we saw the Buda Castle, various churches, lots of old buildings and a waterfall monument - Statue of bishop St. Gellért . On top of the hill the Budapest is the Citadella, with the Liberty statue standing up high.

In the afternoon we had a traditional Hungarian lunch. We had Goulash which is like a stew dish served with potatoes, noodles or rice. It was tasty but very heavy.

While we were waiting for the bus back to the city, I saw a very interesting bus. It was connected to the tram cable. On the trip back on the Pest side we saw more interesting buildings, statues and the Dohány Street Synagogue which is the largest in Europe.


My brother wanted to go back to the Hero’s Square to look at the tomb of the unknown soldiers and the Statue of Gabriele. We took the Metro 1 train back to the hotel. Metro 1 is the oldest train line in Budapest.


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Budapest 1

Budapest 9th September

semi-overcast 24 °C

When we woke up the train was in Slovakia. Not long after it arrived at Budapest around 8:30am. We got the Metro 2 train to Blaha Lujza tér Station, which was a few hundred meters to our hotel, Hotel Zenit. Unfortunately we could not check in until 2pm, so we left our luggage, and went to the Central Market. The market sold lots of fresh produce, we got some yummy raspberries and strawberries. There were also of people selling souvenirs and junkie stuff. Mummy bought me a Hungarian doll. On the way back we walked down Váci U street which has lots of shops, restaurants, bars and no cars.

In the evening we went on a Silverline Danube river cruise and dinner. That finished about 10:30pm and we were glad to get to our hotel and go to sleep.


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Krakow 4

Krakow 8th September

sunny 27 °C

Today we went for a tour to the salt mines. They are about an hour and a half drive from Krakow. The tour took almost three hours and we had to walk down over 800 steps to a depth of 330m. We went through lots of tunnels and saw lots of statues carved by the miners from the rock salt. There were even a number of chapels carved in the rock salt.


We went back to the apartment to pack our bags for the overnight train to Budapest. After we had a late lunch / early dinner at a restaurant called Wierzynek, then we went to see the famous Wavel Castle. It is really big and has lots of historical things and as it is on top of a hill it has great views of the Vistula.

Then we walked through the square to the station and caught the overnight train in our sleeper cabin.

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Krakow 3

Krakow 7th September

semi-overcast 25 °C

We got up really late this morning. For breakfast we went to a restaurant in the old town square. The restaurant didn’t have anything that we fancied so we just got drinks. My brother and I went down the street and got a potato pancakes….’placki kartoflane’.


After we went for a walk to the oldest university in Poland and one of the oldest in Europe, the Jagiellonian University.

We looked at many of the churches and stopped at St Mary’s to join a free walking tour of the Jewish quarter. The tour took 3 hours and my legs were shaky and my back was achy because we ended up doing 6 hours of walking today. We saw a few synagogues, Jewish restaurants playing Klezmer music, the remains of the ghetto, some monuments and Shindler’s factory. My Mum and I went back to rest while my brother and Dad went to a Chopin concert at St Mary.

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