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Krakow 2

Krakow 6th September

sunny 24 °C

Today we went to the Auschwitz concentration camp. There are two different camps, Auschwitz 1 and Auschwitz 2 also known as Birkenau. First, we went to Birkenau which is where majority of the people went. Once they were there, they were either chosen to go work, if they were healthy or otherwise the Nazis would just kill them. It was very confronting seeing the things that the prisoners brought with them; you saw clothes, shoes and worst of all baby shoes, toys and bottles. The people who came thought they were going to come, work and have a shower. But instead of having a shower they were killed by the Nazis.

This is the wagon they used to transport people to the camp. Each carriage held 300 people.

The front gate of Auschwitz says “work makes you free” this was a trick that the Nazis played as nobody was free.

These are the sleeping quarters. There were five prisoners in each bunk.


In the evening my dad and I went to a classical chamber orchestra concert at St Peter and Paul’s church near us. On the way back from the concert my dad was very romantic and bought my mum a heart cake and a bunch of baby roses.


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Krakow 1

Krakow 5th September

sunny 20 °C

Today we packed our luggage ready to go to Krakow. We wheeled the suit cases down the hill then back up the other side, it was hard work. At the café they ordered the taxi for us which was great because yesterday when we went to the station we paid 160zl (about $50) for the taxi but today it cost 16zl (about $5). My dad was really generous and gave the man 30zl. The train trip from Warsaw to Krakow was almost 4 hours long. It is funny the toilets cost you 2.5zl (about 80c) to use and you have to pay by coins to activate a turnstile. I don't know what you do if you don't have money! In the country side the houses are like drawings with a triangle roof, a square body, three windows and a door.


We got to Krakow at 4:00pm and found our apartment easily. In Krakow there are lots of people posing as statues or playing music and lots more foreign tourist than in Warsaw. Our apartment is really nice and even though it is in the centre of the old town you can’t hear a thing.


We went for a stroll down our street (Gronski), which goes past Wavel Castle, and found a minimart and got supplies…milk, juices, bread, muesli and fruit. Blueberries and raspberries are around a dollar a big punnet! It is funny that they have trams here just like in Melbourne


We got a takeaway dinner just outside the apartments, watched a bit of BBC World News on TV then went to bed. Tomorrow we are going on a tour to Auschwitz and Birkenau….which will probably be a little scary.

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Warsaw 4

Warsaw 4th September

sunny 21 °C

This morning we went back to the Vistula river to scatter my Grandad’s ashes. He was Polish and it was his wish to have his ashes scattered in the Vistula at Warsaw. Yesterday night we bought some flowers from a very happy old lady.


After that my brother and I went to the gym park again but Dad and Mum went back to the apartment. We went back to our regular coffee shop and had another indulgent breakfast with meringue filled with whipped cream and fresh blueberries and cherry chocolate fondant cake. Dad even had a ‘mead’, which is a special wine made from honey. Just up the road was the Madame Curie museum. I learnt that Madame Curie is the only person to win two Nobel prizes in two different areas and that she discovered radium and polonium.


Then we went inside the Royal Castle and I videoed to whole thing with the GoPro.


We visited the St Anne church nearby and listened to an organ concerto.


After we caught an expensive taxi to the Warszawa Centralna and did some shopping. I got clothes, Kai got a nice jumper and Dad got some socks.


Then we walked back to our apartment (only took about 40 mins) and on the way I got a huge tall ice cream.


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Warsaw 3

Warsaw 3rd September

sunny 22 °C

My mum woke me up this morning to photograph the sunrise. I ran down stair in my PJ’s to take pictures. It was really pretty! We went back to our regular coffee shop to have breakfast. My brother and I got hot chocolate with whipped cream again, but this time we got some cherry cheesecake and plum tart. Then we went for a walk along the Vistula river just near the Royal Castle. The Vistula is the largest river in Poland. On the way back from the river, we stopped at a gym park. At the park, I had a really good workout. We saw a red squirrel which reminded me of the one in Ice Age. We walked around the Old Market Square and had late lunch at a restaurant there. Lunch was so big we didn’t even have a proper dinner. My mum and I looked at the art works from an old Polish artist. We bought a little water-colour painting of the old towns. We just had an easy day, wandering around the narrow streets checking out the small shops. My brother says he wants to live here when he is older.






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Warsaw 2

Warsaw 2nd September

semi-overcast 20 °C

We went to a coffee shop for breakfast. My brother and I got hot chocolate with whipped cream. I found that it was really funny because the coffee shop had little blankets on the chairs for when you got cold. After breakfast we went on a walking tour. We thought it was going to be an hour but it ended up being about 3 hours. We saw many monuments. We listened to the tour guide speaking about Poland history. I got history and geography lessons all in one!



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